Jewellery Plating Option

jewellery plating

At Shree Ganesh Jewellers we are committed to giving our customers a plethora of customization and jewellery plating options. With the knowledge gained with extensive research and long experience in the field of jewellery, we have come up with multiple plating options that can suit your business needs. Before diving into the list of metal colouring options let us introduce you to the different methods of plating we use.

  • Electroplating
  • GPC or Gold Polish

Electro Jewellery Plating:

It is one of the most commonly used way for plating jewellery items and also this technique is one of the most affordable ways to put a high-quality finish to jewellery items. The gold content in the plating solution is low as compared to other plating techniques but it also provides us with a high range of colour options than can be put over a metal piece. 

GPC or Gold Polish:

In this method, a small amount of gold is deposited over the metal piece to produce a high-quality finish along with long-lasting durability. Imitation pieces of jewellery plated with gold are maximum hypoallergic and do not cause any infection. GPC polish is costly compared to other methods as real gold has been used to plate the metal piece. 


These are the colour options we provide for electroplating. Everything is done in house at our manufacturing plant, so we make sure that every piece produced is of high quality and lustrous. 

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