5 Stone X Dangle Nosering

5 Stone X Dangle Nosering is a unique design from collections. There are a total of 5 crystals placed precisely in the shape of the English letter ‘X’. It has a long sword dangle at the bottom of the nosering.



  • Material: Brass
  • Colour: Golden
  • Polish Option: Electroplating and GPC
  • Gauge: 22 gauge nosering
  • MOQ: 1 BOX (1 BOX HAS 144 PIECES)



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The 5 Stone X Dangle Nosering is made up of brass, and crystals are fixated in form of ‘X’. The gauge size of these nosering are 22. 

Plating for nosering:

  • Lacquer Plating : These are an affordable polish option for jewellery. They give the same gold finish to the jewellery items.

  • GPC or Gold Plating : These are a little costly polish compared to lacquer polish, they make truly hypoallergenic nosering.

Apart from these plating options, you can also find more possible colouring options that can be done on the jewellery metal. Click here to learn more. 


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